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Botanical Spring Wedding

"Market day in the Shire"  That's how Ellen & Jayton described their vision for their spring wedding at The Rickhouse, and we loved helping to put this look together! We LOVED working with Ellen & Jayton, because right off the bat they wanted to create a day that was totally custom and 100% them, a beautifully custom spring wedding! Together they love gardening, books, and Lord of the Rings, so it was exciting to merge these passions together in their wedding design. When we first

  • A groom in dark grey and bride in a white two skirt & blouse dance in an outdoor courtyard.

Geek Chic Video Game Wedding

Video games, crystals, pie and soot sprites! We loved every nerdy detail of this brunch wedding! We aren't big on following wedding trends, and we are seeing more and more couples plan alternative activities for their wedding receptions. We are especially loving the gaming trend! Planning with Lauren & Matt was a blast, as they knew from the start that they wanted to skip the dance floor and instead offer video game lounges to entertain their guests. We were able to incorporate their favorite games, movies,

Art Deco Inspired Downtown Raleigh Wedding

Kaitlyn & Zach's Art Deco inspired downtown Raleigh wedding was a blast! And we love how they incorporated the art deco theme with their Gatsby vibes throughout their decor and attire! This was such a fun day to be a part of! Kaitlyn was a bridesmaid in Gina & Aaron's wedding, which we coordinated back in 2019, so it was fun to see Gina & Aaron celebrating Kaitlyn & Zach this time around! When they reached out, Kaitlyn described their wedding style as "Art Deco", with a

Wedding Budgets in North Carolina!

Wedding Budgets! We've been in business for seven years now, and we've worked with all types of budgets! There is so much info online about how much a wedding should (or could) cost, and we get asked all the time how much couples should budget. The short answer is, it depends! We know that's not helpful, but the cost of a wedding depends on so many different factors, so it's hard to give a concise answer. When we meet with our clients, one of our earliest meetings is

  • A bride and groom dance under market lights. We view from above, looking through the lights.

Alternative Wedding Songs

Alternative Wedding Songs Couples often ask us for recommendations for their wedding songs, and usually my answer is, ask your DJ! They are a wealth of information and probably have suggestions at the tip of their fingers. But after seeing 100+ weddings ourselves, we are happy to provide some alternative wedding songs to get you started!  My personal favorite wedding ceremony songs are the non-traditional ones, the movie scores or instrumental pop covers of songs that mean something to you as a couple! We have seen all of

Fall Whitewater Center Wedding

Fall Whitewater Center Wedding Burnt orange and powder blue. What perfect colors for an outdoor fall wedding, pulling from the natural colors of the changing leaves and the clear skies! Rebekah and Matt’s October wedding was chock full of autumn inspiration, with pumpkins, leaves, and sunflowers enhancing the natural fall beauty at the US National Whitewater Center. We absolutely loved seeing their plans come to life, and we didn't hate working in this beautiful space either! This was my first

Colorful Rainbow Wedding Full of Fandom Flair!

Eva & Emma Got Married!!!!! And it was full of rainbows, Harry Potter, and Disney!  This glorious colorful wedding was a special one, because Eva has been working with Emily Katherine Events since 2017! Three years later found us planning her own wedding, and in 2021 I had the immense privilege of seeing these two get hitched at The Cloth Mill in a fall rainbow wedding extravaganza! Planning with Eva and Emma was a ton of fun, from the in person meetings at coffee shops and

  • bride and groom

Sneaky Bunnies

The one with the hidden bunnies. Casual, low-key, sneaky bunnies. That's the vibe Karen & Mark told me they were going for, but it turned into so much more! Local flowers. Pottery. A table full of pies. And so many bunnies, some hidden and some not so subtle. Not one guest in attendance could possibly have mistaken it for anyone else's wedding! It's the result of Mark and Karen deciding to do things their way, and to create a celebration that highlighted not only their love, but also

  • dried petal confetti

What is a sustainable wedding?

What is a sustainable wedding? Written by Jervise Penton We all know how stressful preparing for a wedding can be. Planning a sustainable wedding can be even more challenging, especially if you don't know where to start.  A sustainable wedding is one where the couple ensures that everything from the decor to the venue is as eco-friendly as possible. It is no secret that the average wedding is seriously bad for the environment. According to reports, an average wedding produces 400 lbs of garbage and 63

  • Windy Hill Farm Wedding

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Farm Wedding

Eco-Friendly Farm Weddings Our environmental crisis is a global problem, a mess we've all made together and we must face the consequences of together. I'm not going to get on my soap box here, but lowering the waste generated by weddings is something we strive toward at Emily Katherine Events and we hope to inspire and educate both couples and other wedding professionals to work toward more eco-friendly weddings. And since we're all in this together, we wanted to share some thoughts from our friends across the pond about