• double rainbow garden wedding Durham NC

Wedding Video

Wedding videos are the best!!! And I'm only a little bit biased (I did spend 4+ years as a wedding videographer). But seriously, I 100% recommend hiring a videographer in addition to your photographer. I said in addition to, not instead of! They are two completely different media, and one cannot replace the other. Things that wedding video captures that photos might miss... Vows Toasts Your ENTIRE first dance, father-daughter, mother-son, and any additional performances. Wedding videos are just fun! Highlight films are so easy to share with your

  • Indian Wedding in Durham North Carolina

Board Game Themed Wedding

Celebration of Love Catherine and Rohit are getting married in India this November, but earlier this summer we celebrated their commitment in Durham at Duke Gardens. Fondly referred to as "Wedding Part 1", this summer garden ceremony was their state-side celebration of love, shared with their closest family and friends. Duke Gardens was the perfect location for these two. One of their very first dates was a stroll through the gardens, and it has always been a special place for them. Vows, Rainbows, & Bollywood! Catherine & Rohit